Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Geology, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geological Sciences, Spring 2017.  Advised by Dr. Marc A. Hesse.

A.B. with honors, Geophysics , University of Chicago.  Advised by Noboru Nakamura


Sathaye, Smye, JordanHesse (2016) Noble Gases Preserve History of Retentive Continental Crust in the Bravo Dome Natural CO2 Field, in revision Earth Planet. Sci. Lett.

Jordan, Jacob S., and Hesse, Marc A. . "Reactive transport in a partially molten system with binary solid solution." Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (2015).

Befus, Kenneth S.,  Zinke, Robert W., Jordan, Jacob S.Manga, Michael, and Gardner, James E.  "Pre-eruptive storage conditions and eruption dynamics of a small rhyolite dome: Douglas Knob, Yellowstone volcanic field, USA."Bulletin of Volcanology 76, no. 3 (2014): 1-12.


Ghanbarzadeh, Hesse, Jordan, Prodanovic. "Efficient percolative core formation in planetesimals by hysteresis in melt connectivity."  

Current research

Melting is a fundamental process that shapes the Earth and other worlds around us.  I study melting and transport processes in settings ranging from the deep interior of the Earth, to the outer solar system.  Partial melting and transport on geological timescales is essential for the onset of plate tectonics, volcanism, describing the chemical differences observed in rocks throughout the solar system and likely plays an integral role in the evolution of habitable environments.

My current research is focused (although not limited to) on the following:

Enceladus' Tiger Stripes: Formation and persistence of water-filled cracks on Saturn's icy moon

Solitary waves: Mechanism for preservation of geochemical signatures from deep mantle sources

Papoose Canyon monogenetic vent:  Reproducing trace element signature through eruption sequence


CIDER 2016, Closed streamlines for incompatible elements within Solitary waves

Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Melting in the Mantle Program 2016 (oral), {VIDEO} Reactive transport of aqueous protons in reactive porous media

University of Texas hydrology seminar, Enthalpy method: applications for melting permafrost.

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2014, Chromatographic separation of trace elements at Papoose Canyon monogenetic vent sequence

Gordon Conference: Research in porous media 2014, Pathways through phase diagrams, consequences for melting

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2013 (oral), Retardation of major elements during reactive transport with solid solution

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2012, Major elements & mantle melting

Chapman Conference for Hawaiian Volcanoes 2012,  Major elements & mantle melting as a chromatographic column: theory in hyperbolic limit

Clinton Global Initiative, University 2010, Community gardens and coffeeshops: importance of urban composting


Brundrett Endowed Presidential Scholarship, 2016-2017.  University of Texas at Austin Presidential Scholarship

Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Melting in the Mantle Program 2016 (oral), Travel and Lodging courtesy of NSF and University of Cambridge

Chapman Conference for Hawaiian Volcanoes,  Chapman student travel scholarship

Clinton Global Initiative, University, CGI-U Student travel award



  1. Transport in Porous Medium
  2. Geophysical Research Letters

Organizer, Undergraduate Geological Society Student Speaker Series

Mentor and Graduate coordinator, GeoFORCE

Student RepresentativeGeophysics professorial search committee, 2014

Chair, Evaluation committee of department Seminar, 2013

Art Shows

East Side Collective, EAST Austin Studio Tour 2015:  pen plotter [0]: magma

SprATX, Featured Artist of the month, March 2016: pen plotter [1]: small forwards